Check Out These Cute, Effective Worksheets Aligned to the Common Core Standards for the Kindergarten Classroom to Help Your Students Learn to Count. Aligned to Standards K.CC.1 and 2.NBT.2.

By Cameron Pipkin

There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to the Common Core Standards. The first is that the Standards will do very little to change the classroom. The second is that they will change the classroom dramatically.

The first position is an easy one to take, given the fact that many current lesson plans, with some judicious tweaking, align to the Common Core with ease.

Take, for example, this Common Core Standards math counting and cardinality lesson resource for the kindergarten classroom: math counting and cardinality lesson resource,provided at this link. Many thanks to Sandy K who provided this resource at TES Connectand

As you can see, this sheet helpfully and cleverly aids kindergarten teachers to guide students as they learn to count in sequence. The Common Core Standards math counting and cardinality for the kindergarten classroom math counting and cardinality, and number and operations in base ten, both call for a lesson that helps students know number names, sequence, and place value. However, this is nothing new. Sandy K, who provided this resource, no doubt used these worksheets to teach lessons before the Common Core was a twinkle in her state superintendent’s eye. She simply appropriated tried and true lesson material, and incorporated it into the framework of the Common Core.

The other school of thought, however, says that the Common Core Standards will fundamentally change the way we teach. I tend to fall on this side of the argument. While educators won’t be teaching new subjects, and will be able to use many old lesson plans, as Sandy K and the Common Core Standards for the kindergarten classroom show us, they will have to do so within a dramatically different classroom setting and a dramatically different school-wide teaching framework. To read more about these new settings and frameworks, click:

here  (goodbye to textbooks)

here (goodbye to the 8 to 3 school day)

and here (hello to the mixed age classroom)

What do you think of Sandy K’s worksheet? What are your strategies for counting sequence and place value? Have you seen changes in your school brought about by the Common Core Standards?

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