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This may be my favorite Common Core-aligned lesson plan yet (Common Core Standards sixth grade ELA literacy lesson). Check out how teacher Monica Burns makes fun, inventive use of shadow puppets and digital technology to teach ELA literacy.


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This lesson is aligned to Common Core standards:

CCRA.W.6: Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.

CCRA.SL.5: Make strategic use of digital media and visual displays of data to express information and enhance understanding of presentations.

This Common Core Standards sixth grade ELA literacy lesson is designed to enable students to share their own personal stories—stories that can be about anything at all, and that can be written in the manner of the teacher and/or author’s choosing.

  1. To begin this Common Core Standards sixth grade ELA literacy lesson, students will need to write their story.
  2. Then, students will need to access this Shadow Puppet app in the Apple App Store for creating presentations that tell their story. Shadow Puppet lets users narrate a slideshow of images and is especially designed for children, giving you a fun, engaging way to integrate technology into writing and storytelling in the ways that the Common Core demands.
  3. Once your students have access to Shadow Puppet, they’ll need to acquaint themselves with its functions. This shouldn’t be too difficult. There’s a tutorial that will walk them through how to make their own presentation.
  4. Students will need to collect images by either image searching online or by taking photos with the iPads. Four to six images per slide show is probably about all you’ll need.Shadow Puppet can be used for presentations for a single project or can be included as part of the writing process on any significant writing that your students do. With Shadow Puppet, students can use images to support narrative building and breathe life into their stories.Now, I know that many of us won’t have access to many iPads (or any at all) for this Common Core Standards sixth grade ELA literacy lesson. However, Ms. Burns makes a great point about the availability of devices for the use of Shadow Puppet:Shadow Puppet is a great option for teachers with access to only a few iPads. Elementary school students can work in stations to create their recording, or middle schoolers can sign out an iPad during a free period. This technology tool could be one of a few different publishing options you offer students to differentiate the task based on interest. Try out Shadow Puppet and let me know how your experience goes! I’m excited to hear back on this.
    • Common Core Standards Sixth Grade ELA Literacy Lesson



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