A Website I’ve Never Seen Before Offers Some Nice Video Lessons for Teachers Looking to Align to the Common Core

By Cameron Pipkin

This is a nice little Common Core resource I’m surprised I’ve never come across until now. It’s called LearnZillion, and it began as an experiment at a Washington DC public charter school. Essentially, if I read their website correctly, LearnZillion does what my company has been doing for a couple of decades: film teachers demonstrating best practices in the classroom and put lessons on video.

LearnZiollion has managed to collect homemade videos of lessons from teachers all over the country. What the initiative has created, essentially, is a nice little video list of topic specific lesson plans.

And now, it appears, the site is turning its focus to Common Core Standards lessons. I didn’t find a whole lot of explanation about the Standards, but there are some helpful lessons that align with the Standards.

Critiques: a good number of the videos are a bit hard to follow, and their offerings are limited. However, some of what I found scanning the website looks like it might be helpful, especially to those newly initiated into the Common Core Standards.

Let me know what you think.



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