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In their Classroom Instruction That Works research, McREL and Robert Marzano identified nine strategies that can be applied in any learning environment to result in significantly increased student learning. When implemented consistently and correctly, these research-based strategies can provide average percentile point gains as high as 45% on student achievement tests.   Although most educators are familiar with the Classroom Instruction That Works research, teachers still need help transferring the theory into practice.

 View a video from the Edivate library on classroom instruction “Planning Targets of Learning – Part 1”

Classroom Instruction That Works Edivate Video Program

Thousands of schools have used this award-winning video program to successfully implement the nine strategies in every classroom. Featuring McREL’s Salle Quackenboss, the program is full of real, best-classroom practice examples and is available in elementary and secondary editions.  Sign up for a free trial to view the complete program.

Watch the Edivate segment from the series “What works in classroom instruction

Classroom Instruction That Works Manuals

The only resource of its kind, A Participant’s Manual for Classroom Instruction That Works is designed specifically for teachers as they implement the strategies in the classroom. Discussions of each strategy include generalizations from the research, ideas for differentiated instruction in the classroom, examples of ways real teachers have applied the strategy, and a self-assessment to reflect on understanding.  A Facilitator’s Manual for Classroom Instruction That Works helps you and your instructional leaders prepare group training sessions and support teachers in implementing the strategies. Sold as part of theFacilitator Kit for Classroom Instruction That WorksLearn more.

Edivate Professional Development On Demand

Edivate, the leading on-demand professional learning resource, is an online library of over 70 research-based professional development programs. The programs are broken into hundreds of searchable segments that empower teachers to access instant answers and individualized support. Edivate/PD 360 includes two full “Classroom Instruction That Works” programs – one for elementary educators and one for secondary. Edivate allows teachers and leaders to move through “Classroom Instruction That Works” training at their own pace. Digitized facilitator guides make it simple for professional learning communities to prepare up to 11 training sessions and integrated follow-up, tracking, and reflection tools that help you bridge the gap between training and implementation. Sign up for a free trial to view the complete program.

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