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Classroom management is one of the top issues on teachers’ minds. Poor classroom management strategies can yield a number of undesirable results, including an overly rigid classroom, a chaotic learning environment, and a focus on discipline rather than learning. A good classroom management plan produces an environment conducive to learning, exploration, and participation. Teachers who manage their classrooms well typically have students who achieve at higher levels and have more positive attitudes and perceptions about school. With our resources, your teachers can learn the best ways to organize, discipline, and manage their classrooms.

Keys to Classroom Management– Read an article by Robert and Jana Marzano which discusses the important key steps to implementing positive classroom management.

Conscious Classroom Management: Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching, Second Edition LumiBook (ebook)

For over ten years, Conscious Classroom Management: Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching by Rick Smith has been the “go-to” book in classrooms and schools all over the world for creating more positive environments where referrals and suspensions are down and student engagement and teacher satisfaction are up.

In this second edition, the Conscious Classroom Management: Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching LumiBook, the authors have included three new chapters and dozens more resources, including video, rubrics, and visuals, as well as digital tools that give readers the ability to reach out and communicate directly with Rick Smith and Grace Dearborn.

Focused primarily on prevention, the Conscious Classroom Management LumiBook offers exceedingly practical, easy-to-implement proactive strategies and approaches for teachers to build positive connections with students, teach procedures, cultivate consistency, and hold their ground while inviting student cooperation.

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Conscious Classroom Management: What the Best Teachers Do Every DayPD 360 Video Program

You can help your teachers unlock the secrets of the best teachers with this classroom management and teacher training program, featuring expert Rick Smith. Ideal for new teachers, but relevant to teachers of all experience levels, this dynamic resource shows how to maximize student learning through an effective classroom management plan that incorporates student motivation and engagement. In three parts filled with real classroom examples, teachers learn about who they are as teachers, what they can do proactively, and what they do in response to problems. Available in elementary and secondary editions. Sign up for a free trial to view the complete program.

Watch the PD 360 Segment on Classroom Behavior entitled “Characteristics of Good Teachers”.

New Teacher Training – How to Win Students Over, Not Win Over Them  PD 360 Video Program

This program is designed to help new teachers start out right as they begin their teaching career. However, all teachers will benefit from the program’s practical classroom management strategies. The program teaches that proactive classroom management is anticipating problems and minimizing their impact on learning. Training participants will learn ways to bond and connect students to each other and to the teacher, thereby creating a positive and inclusive learning environment. Available in elementary and secondary editions.  Sign up for a free trial to view the complete program.

Watch the PD 360 Segment on Classroom Management—New Teacher Training, entitled “Active Student Involvment”

Positive Discipline in the Classroom PD 360 Video Program

Featuring Jane Nelsen, this program shows teachers effective classroom management strategies that encourage students to develop responsibility, communication, and problem-solving skills. Sign up for a free trial to view the complete program.

Watch the PD 360 Segment on Classroom Management, entitled “Why Class Meetings Fail”

Helping Disruptive and Unresponsive Students PD 360 Video Program

Support your teachers in solving classroom management problems by teaching them the causes of student misbehavior and showing them how they work with their students to promote a well-managed classroom. Presented by Dianne Chelsom Gossen. Sign up for a free trial to view the complete program.

Edivate Professional Development On Demand

Edivate/PD 360, the leading on-demand professional learning resource, is an online library of research-based professional development programs. The programs are broken into hundreds of searchable segments that empower teachers to access instant answers and individualized support. PD 360 allows teachers and leaders to move through differentiation training at their own pace, and digitized facilitator guides make it simple for professional learning communities to prepare more than 30 research-based training sessions around differentiated instruction. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of PD 360, the most comprehensive professional development video library available, receive unlimited access to over 2,500 professional development training videos, and become a lifetime member of the largest community of verified educators in the world!

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