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Ah, classroom observations. They really are a two-edged sword.

On one hand, classroom observations truly are an effective professional development opportunity. They offer excellent coaching and training with one-on-one time between a teacher and a leader. Classroom observations give teachers opportunities to focus on their classroom and their teaching strategies. These opportunities are becoming altogether far too rare, and customized classroom observations are worth their weight in gold.

On the other hand, however, there are few things as tedious as a classroom observation. Teachers can be self-conscious or defensive, administrators or instructional leaders may not know their teachers well enough for the situation, and the endless paperwork and ineffective follow-up inherent in paper-and-pen classroom observations always manage to fall by the wayside.

A Better Way to Implement Classroom Observations

With its premier classroom observation product, Observation 360, professional development leader School Improvement Network takes the guesswork and frustration out of classroom observations. Because Observation 360 is fully customizable, this classroom observation system delivers every tool and form that educators need to conduct highly personalized evaluations that are thorough, incisive, and long-lasting.

Administrators throughout the United States now use Observation 360 for all their classroom observation goals. Here are a few reasons that administrators trust School Improvement Network’s classroom observation tool above any other:

Communicate Easily and Instantly with Classroom Teachers

Observation 360 creates an instant, powerful line of communication between instructional leaders and staff during and after classroom observations. Notes taken and forms filled on an Apple, Android, or PC device throughout the course of a classroom observation are sent instantly to the teacher’s computer. Forms are stored permanently and can be accessed again and again at the recipient’s convenience.

Bring Top Experts into PD Training through Prescriptive Technology

Observation 360 is the only classroom observation system with prescriptive technology. The prescriptive technology automatically recommends differentiated professional development from 120 experts in over 3,500 training segments based upon your recommendations. As the only classroom observation product on the market completely integrated with an online professional development library, instructional leaders and staff will have instant access to dozens of the top minds in education, speaking to teachers’ specific needs.

Reinforce Lessons Learned

For those educators who feel that everything goes in one ear during the meeting and out the other ear as soon as they pack up, Observation 360 offers facilitated reporting. This feature maximizes the effectiveness of your classroom observation experience by allowing you to supplement your follow-up meeting with digital tracking. Taking observation notes and filling forms on a computer, you can immediately send those notes and forms to a teacher’s private PD 360 account, recommend PD 360 videos, and set Target Completion Dates for viewing. The observer will automatically be notified as teachers complete videos and worksheets, enabling leaders to reinforce development as they follow up on both the classroom observation and the teachers work within the PD 360 professional development program.

The only thing stopping you from creating the most effective classroom observation experience are the tools that you use. With Observation 360, you’ll have access to everything you need to make your school the best it can be.

To get a free demonstration of Observation 360, click here

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