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How to Make Classroom Walkthroughs More Effective

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Classroom walkthroughs are as essential to professional development as they are tedious. But with customizable tools and efficient reporting, classroom walkthroughs become effective again.

Classroom Walkthroughs

Classroom walkthroughs play an essential role in professional development for teachers. Though they are non-evaluative, classroom walkthroughs present a challenge to many administrators who struggle to properly record and then later convey the results of their time in a teacher’s classroom.

Classroom walkthroughs are effective methods for administrators to see the goings-on in any classroom. Teachers can instruct without the pressure of being evaluated, and students often enjoy seeing their administrators in the room.

However, classroom walkthroughs still present their challenges. In their busy schedules, administrators look for ways to simplify their walkthroughs by eliminating the following concerns:

  • Trouble tracking a department’s goals
    • A department or school will often focus on specific professional development goals and teaching strategies; an administrator has the opportunity to support educators as they move forward in these goals. However, an administrator is not often involved in the planning process and therefore can have difficulty retaining and reporting on the specific needs of a teacher or a classroom.
  • Difficulty in developing effective walkthrough forms
    • With constant meetings, agendas from multiple departments, and a tight schedule, administrators have little time for developing the necessary forms for effective feedback.
  • Concerns with effective communication between teachers and leaders
    • After the walkthrough is complete, an administrator may have multiple walkthroughs yet to complete, or they may have other meetings to attend. After recording the information, administrators and teachers may need to communicate further on what has been observed in classroom walkthroughs.

Observation 360 has been built by administrators and specifically designed to remove these and other concerns involved with classroom walkthroughs. Observation 360 helps administrators improve the quality of their classroom walkthroughs by providing the following benefits:

  • Customizable templates
    • Not only can administrators create their own templates, but they can use templates customized by other teachers in order to help them fulfill their own goals.
  • Apple and Android Device Ready
    • Observation 360 makes recording classroom walkthroughs easy, thanks to its compatibility with any PC, Apple, or Android device. After finishing a classroom walkthrough, the administrator can choose to automatically send the results to the teacher’s PD 360 account while also recording it on his or her own account.
  • My Portfolio PD Planner
    • Observation 360 allows educators to own their professional development goals by creating a central place to record and report on all videos watched, journals completed, and observations and evaluations done. Administrators have the opportunity to communicate online with teachers concerning their results, thereby facilitating all communication and giving administrators and educators a simple forum whereon to collaborate.

Learn more about Observation 360’s robust capabilities and see how this observation system will benefit your schools. Give us a call at 800.572.1153 today and ask to speak to a professional development advisor for more information.

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