Talking about race and equity in education can be uncomfortable, but for change to take place, equity education must move to the forefront and become a priority. Only when it is a priority will educators be able to close the achievement gap and improve the quality of instruction for all learners.

One approach to closing the achievement gap is to create a practical equity walkthrough team in the school. This team functions like a residence team giving feedback about how the students are responding to the instructional practice.

Unlike the traditional walkthroughs where the focus is on what the teacher is doing, the practical equity walkthrough team focuses specifically on how the students are learning. They do this through the practical equity walkthrough cycle, which includes four steps:

  • The teacher meets with the team and asks them to observe her focus students.
  • The team visits the classroom to observe the focus students.
  • The team gathers to share what they observed.
  • The team returns to the classroom to see if their feedback worked.

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