Common Core Classrooms: Writing, Speaking, and Listening

Common Core Classrooms

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In this segment, Yvonne Copprue‐McLeod, a 5th grade teacher at Harriet Tubman Elementary in Newark, New Jersey, guides students as they create a segment for Kids Witness News. This student‐produced news segment embodies the Common Core emphasis on project‐based learning and technology. This activity is aligned with Common Core standards Writing 5.2b, and d, and Speaking & Listening 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6.

Kids Witness News is a video education program developed by Panasonic Corporation. Students research an environmental topic, write a script, act,direct, edit, and produce their own film. Panasonic provides the digital equipment.

Copprue-McLeod says of the lesson style, “They’re their own cameramen. They’ve created a storyboard. At home they did research, um, regarding our planet, they’ve done everything, I just sat back and watched them do their own lesson.”

Copprue-McLeod adds, “The students were very excited and eager to work with new equipment. They had many questions. Before they began taping, we talked about different jobs of the camera crew and people in front of the camera, for example the anchor. Certain people auditioned. We had auditions, we had a art crew, they designed the signs and the sets, people auditioned for their roles. So it wasn’t me deciding who’s going to go where, they decided what best fit their personality. It’s a whole process we’ll be going over for a couple of weeks with them.”

***This video is part of the comprehensive Common Core 360 library that showcases the Common Core Standards in the classroom.