In this segment, Mr. David Schouweiler, a chemistry teacher at Newton-Conover High School in Newton, North Carolina, guides his students as they conduct experiments and evaluate the results to explore the principles of thermal energy and heat transfer.

Watch the video below and observe students:

  • Working in pairs; students will be moving from station to station
  • Engaging in think-pair-share strategy, writing results in their notebooks
  • Precisely following a complex multi-step procedure when carrying out experiments
  • Conducting an investigation to provide evidence about the transfer of thermal energy within a closed system
  • Synthesizing information from a range of sources into a coherent understanding of a concept

This lesson aligns to the following standards:

  • Common Core State Standards: ELA Standards RST.11-12.3 & 9
  • Next Generation Science Standards: Physical Science Standards HS-PS3-4

This video also includes a downloadable lesson plan on PD 360.

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