Common Core Standards Technology Tools: As More and More of School, and More and More of Life Requires Mastery of Technology, We Have to Ask: What Priority Should Tech Education Take in Our Schools?

My boss, Curtis Linton, was recently interviewed for an article in our local paper, the Deseret News, and made a good point about technology education in schools:

“Every decently paying job out there relies on a computer,” said Curtis Linton, co-owner and vice president of School Improvement Network, a company that uses technology to help professional development among teachers. “Think about it in terms of free lunch. We recognized that food in a student’s stomach is beneficial to every student, why is it we can’t look at technology in the same light?

This has me thinking, as always, about the Common Core Standards. As many of you know, the company I work for has developed technology to help administrators and teachers implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Our Common Core Standards technology tools have received top industry awards, and is currently lauded all over the web.

As the CCSS continue to emerge as the predominant education movement in the country, organizations and companies like mine are pushing to develop Common Core Standards technology to assist not only educator implementation, but student implementation as well—that is to say, technology that helps students understand and succeed in the Common Core Standards. In fact, I just put up a post that talks about one of the most powerful Common Core technology tools for students on the web.

While it’s true that many of today’s students seem to have a preternatural knack for making technology work, I worry that great tech tools for the Common Core and other programs (like this) won’t maximize their impact unless we do a better job at teaching tech to kids in school.

Thoughts? What kind of tech usage classes are present in your school or district?

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