Common Core Standards Writing Rubric

These Common Core Writing Rubrics help teachers in all subject areas identify and score good writing, bad writing, and everything in between.

The Common Core Literacy Standards aren’t getting nearly as much ink as the math and ELA standards, which is a pity—they’ll affect almost every teacher in America. So don’t think that the Common Core Standards Writing rubrics posted below are just for English instructors. Sometime between now and 2014 you and most of your colleagues will be asked to apply a version of these to the writing that’s done in your classrooms.

These rubrics establish performance benchmarks for argument, informational, and narrative writing. They guide users to score writing performance on a 1-5 scale, 1 being inadequate, 5 being exceptional. They lay out specific, consistent qualities that characterize good and bad writing in each of these areas. I’m sure you’ll find this as useful as I have:

Common Core Standards Writing Rubric Grade 9-10 (click the image to dowload a pdf of the rubric):


Common Core Standards Writing Rubric Grade 11-12 (click the image to dowload a pdf of the rubric):


Much thanks to Turnitin who created these rubrics.

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  • Common Core Standards Writing Rubric

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