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Differentiated instruction is key to ensuring that each student has the opportunity to learn and achieve. Students have a broad variety of backgrounds, skills, strengths, and learning styles, and teachers cannot possibly reach every student by using only one method of instruction. By using differentiated instructional strategies, teachers can identify the best way to teach each student.

Most teachers have some knowledge of the theory of differentiated instruction, but most feel intimidated to actually implement it in the classroom because it seems like a nearly impossible task. The School Improvement Network offers several resources that show teachers how to effectively differentiate instructional lesson plans in the classroom.

Differentiating Instruction To Meet the Needs of All Students PD 360 Video Program

Featuring Gayle Gregory and Carolyn Chapman, this is the ideal program to introduce differentiation in schools and to give teachers the confidence they need to use these crucial differentiated instructional strategies. You can show your teachers ways to refine current practices in order to differentiate lesson plans that reach every learner. Emphasizing the need to become deliberate in instructional delivery, the program gives teachers practical strategies, methods, and approaches to help them reach all their students. Full of real, best-practice classroom examples, this program is available in elementary and secondary editions. Sign up for a free trial to view the complete program.

Watch a segment from our 8-part PD 360 program, “Differentiating Instruction for All Students

Applied Differentiation: Making It Work in the Classroom 

If your teachers understand differentiated instruction but are not yet consistently practicing it, you need this program featuring Gayle Gregory, Cindy Strickland, and expert teachers. Built upon a research-based framework, this program moves beyond theory to focus on actual classroom practice and shows teachers how to differentiate lesson plans, their curriculum, and assessments. Easy-to-use maps and practical tools take the fear out of differentiated strategies and help teachers feel confident in their instructional abilities. The program contains content specifically for administrators, and includes 2 powerful graphic organizers to assist in the implementation process. Available in elementary and secondary editions. Sign up for a free trial to view the complete program.

Watch a segment from our 10-part PD 360 program, “Differentiated Instruction Applied

PD 360 Professional Development On Demand

PD 360, the leading on-demand professional learning resource, is an online library of research-based professional development programs. The programs are broken into hundreds of searchable segments that empower teachers to access instant answers and individualized support. PD 360 includes 4 programs on differentiated instruction. PD 360 allows teachers and leaders to move through differentiation training at their own pace, and digitized facilitator guides make it simple for professional learning communities to prepare more than 30 research-based training sessions around differentiated instruction. Learn more.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of PD 360, the most comprehensive professional development video library available, receive unlimited access to over 2,500 professional development training videos, and become a lifetime member of the largest community of verified educators in the world!

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