Personalized professional development aligned to T-TESS and TEKS, because when teachers have the tools they need to reach their goals, they can change their students’ lives.

The better the educator, the better the student. No one understands this better than educators in Texas, and no other resource helps teachers improve their practice more than Edivate—the personalized professional learning resource that supports growth with TEKS-aligned best practice videos and PD content aligned to all 16 dimensions of the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS).

Personalized, continual growth is at the heart of T-TESS. That’s why Edivate is the perfect tool—Edivate creates highly personalized learning experiences for all of your educators, helping them improve their practice and, in turn, raise student achievement.


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The Right Tool for T-TESS and TEKS

With a library of thousands of videos, courses, and training tools, Edivate delivers the very best in evidence-based resources that can be tailored to support the individual goals and needs of every teacher and instructional leader.
What’s more, Edivate’s content is T-TESS aligned, making it the most powerful and effective T-TESS support tool available. In fact, Edivate was used in successful T-TESS implementations by pilot districts across the Texas.

On-Demand PD Courses Aligned to the Dimensions of T-TESS

With Edivate, educators can create their own personalized home screen that serves up the content they want to see. They can also access their own learning targets page that presents them with all their assigned PD and professional learning follow-up.

Best-in-Class Video Library and Teaching Resources

With a library of over 3,000 videos from expert presenters and a host of other evidence-based PD resources, Edivate is the perfect foundation for the kind of continual professional growth and learning that T-TESS strives for. Every video is produced with the highest quality and vetted by Ph.D.-level education experts, ensuring that every classroom example represents distinguished teaching practice. And just like our courses, we’ve aligned our video content to each of the dimensions within T-TESS, making it quick and easy for teachers to find exactly the content they need.
What’s more, teachers can find lesson plans, guidebooks, ebooks, online collaboration groups, and more to help them implement what they’ve learned.

Goal Setting Tools

Edivate’s personalized design facilitates goal setting and professional development planning. It automatically makes PD recommendations based on a teacher’s profile and provides tools for goal planning, proposing activities, and providing evidence of progress.

Instructional Leader Support

T-TESS requires appraisers and instructional leaders to actively coach teachers in ways they may never have been asked to before. Edivate’s video library includes hundreds of resources to help support instructional leaders in this new coaching role. From topics like active listening to effective post-observation conferences, Edivate is more than just a tool for teachers.
Built in to Edivate are tools and resources for managing a system-wide professional learning program and recommending professional development resources to teachers. Edivate also makes it easy to create school or district professional development course catalogs and generate custom reports for compliance requirements.

TEKS-Aligned Resources

Edivate offers rigorous TEKS-aligned instructional videos featuring exemplary standards teaching. It also offers ready-to-use TEKS-aligned lesson plans and tools for aligning all instruction to new standards, system wide.

Data shows that schools where teachers use Edivate for at least 10 minutes a week see:

  • 18% higher student achievement growth
  • 20% decrease in dropout rate
  • 33% on average fewer discipline issues
  • 10% increase in college intention

The best part is that these effects multiply over time. Schools and districts using School Improvement Network resources for several consecutive years experience progressive gains in math and reading proficiency year over year, with cumulative gains far exceeding shorter-term gains.

When all teachers have the resources to become their best, schools and student can be their best. No other professional learning platform supports Texas teachers like Edivate.

TEKS-Aligned Resources

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