Everything you need to make a seamless and successful transition to personalized learning

Edivate Learn is a powerful K-12 personalized learning system that supports student-centered, blended learning. It provides all of the components that are vital to creating a personalized learning environment, including transformation support, a powerful digital platform, curriculum resources, and professional learning and coaching resources.

Edivate Learn is the only solution to include a personalized learning experience for students and teachers, combining research-informed innovations with research-proven and job-embedded teacher supports in a total transformation model.

The Edivate Learn system helps you dramatically transform your learning environment in a way that:

  • Bridges the pathway from traditional classrooms to personalized deep learning
  • Opens student pathways within a standards-based structure
  • Helps students master the process of learning
  • Encourages student voice and choice to define their own learning goals
  • Provides dynamic learning opportunities with personalized rich content
  • Harnesses the power of student mentoring and social networking for learning
  • Unleashes the potential of transparent data
  • Can be implemented at the individual, class, or school level

Edivate Learn: The most comprehensive and tested personalized learning solution available

Edivate Learn is research-informed, field-tested, standards-aligned, and highly scalable; it provides all the resources educators need to navigate the path from traditional classrooms to personalized deep learning—helping them create a new education experience that leads to higher student achievement and engagement.

Research-informed innovation

Edivate Learn offers research-informed innovations for transforming traditional school models that allow educators to create a next-generation learning experience that is blended, personalized, and competency-based.


School Improvement Network is the first organization to implement a comprehensive solution to scale, one that provides a blended, personalized learning experience for both students and teachers. Best practices gained from this make us an essential partner in your personalized learning initiative.


Edivate Learn offers standards-aligned tools and research-based content within an innovative personalized learning platform, ensuring a rigorous education experience.

Highly scalable

Edivate Learn is highly scalable and can be implemented in a single class or across an entire district. No matter how you start, Edivate Learn makes it simple to expand your personalized learning initiative.

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What comes with the Edivate Learn Personalized Learning System?

No matter where you are in the pathway to personalized learning, Edivate Learn gives you the tools and resources you need to create your own personalized learning success story, including:

The Facilitated Transformation Process

An intense training and coaching component specifically designed to support educators as they move from traditional classrooms to personalized learning.

The Next-Gen Personalized Learning Platform

A powerful digital resource for managing the personalized learning classroom, school, and district.

Courses of Instruction

A comprehensive course offering that delivers a rich personalized learning experience for every K-12 student.

Professional Learning and Coaching Support

Essential resources to help make sure that you are successful every step of the way on your journey toward creating a personalized learning environment.

Facilitated Transformation Process

Step-by-step support to ensure a successful transition to personalized learning

Moving to personalized learning typically drives a fundamental shift in culture that touches everyone in the school community.

Edivate Learn provides a Facilitated Transformation Process that gives your educators step-by-step training and mentoring support to help ensure a successful transition to personalized learning. This process gives teachers a new pedagogical vision of learning where they are empowered to support, enrich, and mentor students in ways never before possible.

Personalized Learning Boot Camp for leaders
To start the transformation process, district and campus administrators, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders participate in a Personalized Learning Boot Camp—two and a half days of intensive training that focuses specifically on vision creation, goal setting, and customized implementation design.

Essential implementation training

After Boot Camp, staff members who will be using Edivate Learn participate in two days of onsite training to incorporate the action plan from Boot Camp. Training goals include:

  • Establishing a common understanding of personalized learning
  • Developing a working knowledge of Edivate Learn
  • Creating goals and action steps for implementation based on boot camp outcomes
  • Recognizing and using available resources

Extended coaching, modeling, and followup
After initial training, districts can choose how to implement the extended coaching, modeling, and follow-up components of the transformation package. This includes valuable one-on-one work with teachers in their classrooms and train-the-trainer modeling with instructional coaches, helping teachers make pedagogical shifts into real practice.

Next-Gen Personalized
Learning Platform

The most advanced personalized learning platform that supports great teaching in every classroom

Creating a successful personalized learning environment depends on having an effective platform for managing any number of customized learning experiences in the classroom.

Edivate Learn’s Next-Gen Personalized Learning Platform makes it possible to provide—and easily manage—a personalized learning experience for every child in the classroom. It includes standards-based tools and research-based content, and gives teachers complete control over the personalized learning environment while enabling any participant in the system—including leaders, teachers, students, and parents—to monitor student progress and access data in real time.

Tools to manage the personalized learning classroom
Edivate Learn features powerful classroom-management tools, including:

  • Tools for students to have a voice and choice in their learning models and pathways
  • Ongoing, real-time monitoring tools and dashboards
  • Communication and collaboration tools
  • Grading and feedback tools
  • Continuous data collection and standards-aligned reporting tools
  • Powerful curriculum customization tools

Customizable and adaptable digital curriculum
With Edivate Learn, the standards-aligned courses are prebuilt for you and installed on the platform. If needed, you can easily add, remove, reorder, and edit the curriculum to suit your specific needs. Teachers can build student learning pathways using open educational resources, licensed content, or district-created content. The bottom line—teachers can focus their time on students and student success instead of being curriculum creators.

Robust Tools for all users
Powerful user tools support students, teachers, administrators, and parents in the personalized learning environment. These graphical menus and interfaces give users quick access to information such as usage statistics, curriculum maps, progress and mastery, grades, messages, and help resources.

Project-based learning tool
The project template allows you to easily create robust and organized project-based activities. This encourages students to collaborate, approach a topic using a variety of modes and mediums, tackle real-world issues, and reflect on their experience

Courses of Instruction

We focus on the curriculum, so you can focus on teaching

Edivate Learn comes with an integrated, best-of-breed digital curriculum offering that provides a deep learning experience for every student. Edivate Learn courses of instruction allow teachers to focus on the most important thing—facilitating the learning experience for all the students in their class.

Research-based curriculum that meets a wide range of needs Edivate Learn’s comprehensive K-12 curriculum uses instructional methods that are based on scientific research and implemented through a systematic
scope and sequence. The interactive instruction is infused with embedded scaffolds to support student learning and uses intelligent feedback to individualize and guide instruction.

Powerful curriculum that supports deep learning
Each Edivate Learn courses includes a wide range of learning activities, helping students create and use new knowledge in ways that go beyond simple content mastery. Each course is content rich, with learning resources such as online literature libraries and interactive, virtual science labs. Learning activities are age appropriate for each course and suited to the capabilities of that age group. Formative and summative assessments allow students to demonstrate their developing competency and creativity in diverse ways.

Research-based, standards-Aligned Curriculum with expert, third-party validation
Edivate Learn curriculum offers research-based, standards-aligned courses. These courses incorporate customizable online learning and extended project-
based lessons.

Access to Multiple levels of curriculum
Students in today’s classroom are on a wide range of levels. Edivate Learn gives teachers the ability to personalize curriculum in a way that’s never been possible before by giving them multiple levels of curriculum within a single classroom.

Simple integration with open Educational resources
Teachers can easily integrate Khan Academy and Gooru resources with a single click. Additionally, any web-based or teacher-built content can be easily integrated as an intervention, a course enhancement, or can be used to build an entirely new course.

Professional Learning and
Coaching Support

Ongoing, job-embedded PD resources that create a personalized learning experience for every teacher

Making a successful transition to personalized learning requires a pedagogical shift in which the teacher becomes a learning coach as much as an instructor. To help teachers prepare for this new role, Edivate Learn partners with Edivate (formerly called PD 360)—a powerful, full-featured professional development system that offers professional learning content, management tools, a learning management system, and digital collaborative learning communities for teachers.

This award-winning resource—proven by multiple peer-reviewed and published studies to drive significant student achievement growth—is embedded in Edivate Learn. This provides a rich infusion of standards-aligned PD resources directly in the lesson planning, data dashboards, and instructional design tools of the Edivate Learn Next-Gen Platform.

In addition, this digital, job-embedded PD resource provides teachers with ongoing access to:

  • Thousands of award-winning professional development videos on hundreds of current topics, all in a continually updated library
  • 500+ classroom-based videos of master teachers demonstrating standards-aligned math and language arts implementation in every grade
  • Learning Groups to facilitate school-and district-level collaborative study and discussion
  • Online PLCs organized around topics, interests, needs, and locations
  • PD management tracking and registration tools
  • Data and reporting tools for both teacher and system-wide analysis