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EES: A systematic approach to supporting educator effectiveness

Over the past two decades, School Improvement Network has been researching educator effectiveness and documenting how the highest-performing schools in North America have achieved their success. The result of this research has culminated in a systematic approach to educator development called the Educator Effectiveness System (EES).

EES consists of five phases that build on each other to form a holistic process for educator development

1. Goals

In the first phase, administrators and principals decide what goals and objectives will help boost student learning and achievement.

2. Process

In the second phase, a process is created to schedule, track, and oversee the goals and objectives that have been created. Ideally, district leaders would define an evaluation process for all principals and the educators they evaluate. Then, principals would customize the process to create a workflow that fits their schedule.

3. Observation

In phase three, administrators monitor and observe how their educators are performing. Whether it’s a formal or informal walkthrough or observation, administrators can gather a range of data around their standards that can then be used to make personalized professional learning recommendations.

4. Professional Learning

From the data gathered in phase three, professional learning opportunities are identified and personalized learning plans are created. These plans can be customized to individual educators or expanded to address group, school, or district-wide learning goals.

5. Progress

In the final phase, activity and progress are tracked for all educators. Based on the results, leaders can adjust their goals and objectives to better meet the needs of their teachers and students as they plan for a new cycle of support and development.

EES uses data to identify the exact professional learning that each educator needs in order to develop their practice. With EES, leaders can give their educators the precise support they need to stimulate dramatic and measurable improvement in the classroom.


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