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Common Core Implementation
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Schools and districts across the U.S. are now taking the time to educate themselves about the Common Core State Standards as they prepare forCommon Core implementation. While some may see Common Core implementation as an obvious and natural next step after Common Core Standards, not every approach to implementation may be effective.

An important place to start with Common Core implementation is acceptance and communication relating to the Common Core in the classrooms. When everyone from district leaders to teachers understand the purpose behind implementing the Common Core and how their particular district is going to approach implementation, it creates a common ground from which to work as questions or obstacles arrive throughout the process.

The Common Core Standards are more than just another set of standards for teachers and administrators to follow. The overarching goal of college and career readiness drives the Common Core implementation from the staff to be purposeful and deliberate. Communicating about what does and what does not work in Common Core implementation will allow each teacher within a school to support other teachers as the process becomes a task truly centered on student success.

Common Core implementation, along with all forms of implementation, centers on the teaching and learning cycle. As teachers implement standards in their lesson plans, they will learn more about what works and what doesn’t, and the process continues until implementation becomes as effective as possible.

The Common Core Standards Initiative is a step toward leading our students to their greatest potential, but having great resources doesn’t make a difference if they are not truly implemented in the classroom. Common Core implementation is where schools and districts start to really make a change. With effective implementation, college and career ready students become a reality for the future.

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