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Meet the experts featured in Edivate’s professional learning resources

  • Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy

    Dr. Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy is a highly accomplished professor and educational consultant. Currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of New Orleans, Dr.  Read More

  • Willard R. Daggett

    Educational Leadership - Dr. Willard R. Daggett Dr. Willard R. Daggett is the founder and president of the International Center for Leadership in Education. Dr. Daggett  Read More

  • Virginia Rojas

    English-Language Learners and English as a Second Language Dr. Virginia Rojas is an expert in the field of teaching English-language learners. Dr. Rojas herself has taught  Read More

  • Todd Whitaker

    Teacher Leadership Dr. Todd Whitaker is an internationally recognized speaker on a variety of educational topics, including teacher leadership, instructional improvement, change, and leadership effectiveness. Dr. Whitaker  Read More

  • Thomas R. Guskey

    Grading and Reporting Student Progress to Enhance Learning Dr. Thomas R. Guskey is an expert in evaluation design, analysis, and educational reform. He is a professor  Read More

  • Terry Holliday

      Terry Holliday, PhD, was selected as Kentucky’s fifth commissioner of education in July 2009. From 2002 until 2009, Holliday served as superintendent of the Iredell-Statesville school  Read More

  • Terrence Deal

    Educational Leadership Dr. Terrence E. Deal is an internationally renowned speaker and writer specializing in leadership. Dr. Deal’s expertise in educational leadership comes both from his  Read More

  • Tammy Davis

      Tammy Davis is the Principal of Central Elementary School in Artesia, New Mexico. The school was recognized as a Blue Ribbon School for the year  Read More

  • Sylvia Christine Hooker

      Sylvia is a 28-year veteran in the field of education. From her first assignment as a gifted teacher who, in her first year of service,  Read More

  • Steve Shaha

    Evaluation and Assessment, Intervention Program Steve Shaha has worked, consulted, and spoken nationally and internationally for twenty-five years in a wide variety of industries and educational  Read More

  • Steve Olsen

    Education Professional Development Consultant Steven J. Olsen spent twenty-six years working as both a teacher and a middle school principal in the Juab School District in  Read More

  • Stephen Barkley

      Stephen Barkley brings over 30 years of experience in education to his consultations and seminars. Beginning his career as an elementary school teacher, Barkley is  Read More

  • Spencer Kagan

    Cooperative Learning and Multiple Intelligences Dr. Spencer Kagan is the founder of Kagan Publishing and Professional Development, one of the world’s foremost providers of teacher training.  Read More

  • Sonja Hollins Alexander

      Sonja Hollins Alexander, EdS, EdD, has been in the field of education for 22 years with 16 of those being in educational leadership at the school,  Read More

  • Sherrie Snipes-Williams

      Sherrie Snipes-Williams has over 15 years of experience in nonprofit management, foundation relations, business development, revenue generation, board governance, strategy advancement, performance management, planning, communications  Read More

  • Salle Quakenboss

    What Works in Classroom Instruction: Research Based Strategies Before becoming a principal consultant with Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), Salle Quackenboss spent twenty-five years  Read More

  • Ruth S. Johnson

    Using Data to Close the Achievement Gap Ruth S. Johnson is an expert in the concrete ways schools can close the achievement gap. Dr. Johnson is  Read More

  • Robert Lynn Canady

      Dr. Robert Lynn Canady is an expert in the fields of block scheduling, grading practices, and programs for at-risk students. He has served as senior  Read More

  • Robert Garmston

    Cognitive Coaching Robert J. Garmston is a professor emeritus of education administration at California State University and has given presentations and workshops for educators and professionals  Read More

  • Rick Stiggins

    Assessment Training Institute Dr. Rick Stiggins is the founder and CEO of the Assessment Training Institute (ATI). Since 1992, Dr. Stiggins and ATI have been dedicated  Read More

  • Rick Smith

    Classroom Management Rick Smith is an internationally known presenter and consultant who specializes in helping teachers unlock their greatest potential. Mr. Smith worked as a classroom  Read More

  • Richard P. DuFour

    Increasing Student Achievement Dr. Richard P. DuFour is one of the nation’s most distinguished educators. Dr. DuFour has served as a public educator for over three  Read More

  • Rebecca DuFour

      Rebecca B. DuFour has years of experience in education from her service as a teacher, school administrator, and central office coordinator. As a former elementary  Read More

  • Phillip C. Schlechty

    School Reform Dr. Phillip C. Schlechty passionately believes that the core business of schooling is to create engaging school work for students. As the founder and  Read More

  • Pat Wolfe

    Brain Research As an educational consultant for over 15 years, Pat Wolfe has been helping teachers, school districts, boards of education, and parents nationally and internationally  Read More

  • Mike Schmoker

    Data Driven Decisions and Instruction Dr. Mike Schmoker is committed to school reform because he passionately believes that for student achievement to increase, instruction must improve.  Read More

  • Michael Rettig

    School Scheduling Dr. Michael Rettig is a Professor in the College of Education and the Director of the Center for School Leadership at James Madison University  Read More

  • Michael Fullan

    Motion Leadership Michael Fullan is the former Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. He is known internationally as  Read More

  • Melanie Park

      As the 2012 Indiana Teacher of the Year, Melanie Park understands that her year of recognition is followed by a lifetime of obligation. Consequently, she  Read More

  • Mary Montle Bacon

      Mary Montle Bacon was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. After graduating with a B.A. in Spanish and French from Fordham University, she went on to  Read More

  • Marian Leibowitz

    Instruction for Process Learning & The Heterogeneous Classroom Marian Leibowitz is an educational consultant to school districts, state departments of education, professional organizations, and agencies throughout  Read More

  • Margery Ginsberg

      Dr. Margery Ginsberg is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Washington. She is an expert in motivation, multicultural  Read More

  • Marcia L. Tate

    Marcia L. Tate, EdD is the former Executive Director of Professional Development for the DeKalb County School System, Decatur, Georgia. During her 30-year career with the district,  Read More

  • Lynn Erickson

      Lynn Erickson is recognized nationally for her work in the design of concept-based curriculum, instruction, and standards-aligned curriculum. For over a decade, Ms. Erickson has  Read More

  • Lucy Hansen

      Dr. Lucy Hansen is an innovative educator who has been serving the needs of California students for over 30 years. She has served as an  Read More

  • Lauren LeDuff

      Lauren LeDuff was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Attending public schools all of her life, Lauren chose to attend Warren Easton Charter High  Read More

  • Laura Lipton

    Education Professional Development Dr. Laura Lipton is an international consultant whose writing, research and seminars focus on effective and innovative instructional practices and on building professional  Read More

  • LaTisha Vaughn-Brandon

      LaTisha Vaughn-Brandon taught first, fourth, and fifth grades in high- poverty schools with “high potential” children before leaving her “first love” to become a curriculum leader,  Read More

  • Keith L. Simmons

      Keith Simmons is in his fifth year as principal of Griffin High School in Griffin, Georgia. A career-long educator, Keith followed a path that included  Read More

  • Karen Spiegel

      Karen Spiegel is the collaboration and induction/mentoring coordinator for Salem-Keizer Public Schools. Her span of 26 years in education includes being a classroom teacher in  Read More

  • Jotham White

    Jotham White is a student in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Students’ Six is a professional development program to improve instruction for students of color by identifying  Read More

  • John Champlin

      With more than 40 years of experience in education, Dr. John Champlin is one of the field’s most distinguished consultants. He serves as the Executive  Read More

  • John and Blanch Linton

    Coaching and Learning Framework Through their experience as founders of the School Improvement Network and producers of the The Video Journal of Education, Blanch and John  Read More

  • Jim Mahoney

      Since 2001, Jim Mahoney, PhD, has served as the Executive Director of Battelle for Kids, a national, not-for-profit organization that provides strategic counsel and solutions  Read More

  • Jim Knight

    Instructional Coaching Jim Knight is a research associate at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning and the president of the Instructional Coaching Group.  Read More

  • Jay McTighe

    Designing Performance Assessments Jay McTighe brings a wealth of experience developed during a rich and varied career in education. He served as director of the Maryland  Read More

  • Janice Poda

      Janice Poda is the Strategic Initiative Director for the Education Workforce where she leads the work of assisting states with developing and implementing coherent and  Read More

  • Jamie Almanzan

      Born and raised in California, Jamie Almanzán is an expert in promoting equity in education. Educated in public schools, Mr. Almanzán received his B.A. in  Read More

  • James P. Comer

      Dr. James P. Comer is the Maurice Falk Professor of Child Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine’s Child Study Center. A member of  Read More

  • Heidi Hayes Jacobs

    Integrating Curriculum Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of curriculum and instruction. Her work has been the basis for reform  Read More

  • Harvey Silver

    Instructional Strategies for Greater Student Achievement Dr. Harvey Silver is the President of the educational consulting company Silver Strong & Associates and of the publishing company  Read More

  • Harry Wong

    Teacher Induction, Mentoring, and Renewal Dr. Harry K. Wong is one of education’s most motivating speakers. Dr. Wong is an educator with over three decades of  Read More

  • Glenn Singleton

    Equity and Race Glenn Eric Singleton hails from Baltimore, Maryland. A product of public elementary and independent secondary school, Singleton earned his Bachelors degree from the  Read More

  • Gayle Gregory

      Gayle Gregory has extensive hands-on experience as an educator at every level from elementary to university settings, and is an internationally known speaker and presenter.  Read More

  • Fenwick English

      Dr. Fenwick English is the R. Wendell Eaves Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. English has  Read More

  • Eleanor Reneé Rodriguez

    Improving Student Achievement Eleanor Reneé Rodriguez has held almost every position in public schools, including elementary and middle school teacher, principal, and superintendent, before becoming a  Read More

  • Douglas B. Reeves

    Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness Dr. Douglas Reeves is the founder of The Leadership and Learning Center. He has worked with education, business, nonprofit, and government organizations  Read More

  • Diane Gossen

      Diane Chelsom Gossen is committed to helping teachers learn more effective and healthy ways to discipline their students. Discipline is continually one of teachers’ greatest  Read More

  • David Sousa

    Brain Research Dr. David Sousa is an internationally recognized expert on brain research. An educator for many years, including superintendent of New Providence Schools in New  Read More

  • David Hyerle

    David is Co-Director of Thinking Schools International (TSI), a consulting group that works around the world to share an integrated approach to schoolwide transformation in places such  Read More

  • Curtis Linton

    Curtis Linton is Chief Learning Officer and co-owner of School Improvement Network, where he oversees all content and product development. The resources produced by Curtis  Read More

  • Conrad Wolfram

      Conrad Wolfram, physicist, mathematician and technologist, is strategic director and European co-founder/CEO of the Wolfram group of companies. Described as “the place where Computation meets  Read More

  • Cindy Cantrell

    The Art of Guided Reading Cindy Cantrell is an expert in reading development and has been training educators for more than a decade on how to  Read More

  • Cheryl Gholar

      Dr. Cheryl Gholar is passionate in her belief that all students can learn, regardless of socioeconomic status or negative learning labels. She is an expert  Read More

  • Cathy Caro-Bruce

      Cathy Caro-Bruce is a Staff and Organization Development Specialist for the Madison Metropolitan School District. She leads the classroom action research for the district, and  Read More

  • Cassandra Kessler

    Cassandra Kessler was born in Detroit, Michigan and spent her formative years in Redford and South Lyon, Michigan. She has been passionate about education her  Read More

  • Carolyn Chapman

      Carolyn Chapman is an internationally recognized educational consultant, speaker, author, and teacher. She brings real-life experience from her many years as a teacher of every  Read More

  • Bonnie Davis

      For 38 years, Bonnie Davis has shared her passion for education with thousands of fellow teachers and students. She has taught at many levels and  Read More

  • Beverly Daniel Tatum

      Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum is a renowned expert in the psychology of racism. Currently serving as president of Spellman College, Dr. Tatum is a clinical  Read More

  • Betty Ashbaker

      Dr. Ashbaker earned her B.S. in Elementary Education and Special Education and her M.S. in Special Education at Utah State University. She received her Ph.D.  Read More

  • Benjamin Lee

      Benjamin Lee was born in Seoul, Korea in 1991 and came to the United States at the age of two. He graduated this spring from  Read More

  • Barrie Bennett

    Integrating Teaching Models Dr. Barrie Bennett is an associate professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT). He is  Read More

  • Arthur L. Costa

    Cognitive Coaching and Teaching Intelligent Behaviors: Habits of Mind Dr. Arthur L. Costa is a Professor of Education, Emeritus from California State University Sacramento. Dr. Costa  Read More

  • Andy Hargreaves

    What's Worth Fighting for in Education Dr. Andy Hargreaves specializes in leadership, professional learning communities, and educational change. As the Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education  Read More

  • Alexina Medley

      Alexina Medley is in her eighth year as principal of the newly chartered Warren Easton Charter High School. She was instrumental in reopening the school  Read More

  • Aleigha Henderson-Rosser

      Aleigha Henderson-Rosser comes to Atlanta Public Schools from the DeKalb County School System with over 17 years of educational experience. She has served as a  Read More

  • Alan November

    Alan November is an international leader in education technology. He began his career as an oceanography teacher and dorm counselor at an island reform school  Read More