Bonnie Davis


For 38 years, Bonnie Davis has shared her passion for education with thousands of fellow teachers and students. She has taught at many levels and in a wide variety of settings, from middle schools, to high schools, community colleges, four universities, a homeless shelter for women, a shelter for runaway adolescents, and a men’s prison. Her vast experience combined with her education—a B.S. in Education, a M.A. in English, a M.A.I. in Communications/Media, and a Ph.D. in English—make Ms. Davis a powerful speaker and an inspiring presenter.

Ms. Davis focuses on minority student achievement and literary coaching. Through her consulting firm, A4Achievement, Ms. Davis has delivered addresses and workshops across the United States aimed at helping educators reach every student, regardless of race. In addition, she is an accomplished writer of both books and articles. Her best-selling book How to Teach Students Who Don’t Look Like You helps educators learn culturally relevant teaching strategies in order to reach all students.

Ms. Davis is the recipient of numerous awards. She was the first recipient of the CSD Robert D. Elsea Teacher of the Year Award. She has also received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, the World of Difference Community Service Award, and the Clayton Rotary Service Above Self Teacher of the Year Award.

Through our products featuring Bonnie Davis your system will:

  • Understand how to motivate all students, even those typically left out.
  • Learn how to implement the Equity Framework, enabling you to close the achievement and eliminate it permanently.
  • See how to create an inclusive and safe environment for both teachers and students.
  • Examine multiple classrooms, schools, and districts where the achievement gap has been successfully eliminated.

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