Jamie Almanzan


Born and raised in California, Jamie Almanzán is an expert in promoting equity in education. Educated in public schools, Mr. Almanzán received his B.A. in English Literature from California State University, Chico. After teaching a K-5 Special Day Class in Palo Alto, Mr. Almanzán decided to pursue a master’s degree from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education. His graduate work focused on instruction for English language learners and curricular and instructional reform for equity in the classroom.

After earning his M.A., Mr. Almanzán returned to teaching as an ESL teacher at Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School. There he helped promote equity on campus by establishing a campus goal and by co-founding the Equity Awareness Task Force for the Palo Alto Unified School District. He co-directed an after-school program designed to promote equity for underserved students and designed and directed an after-school program for Latino students. Mr. Almanzán has a great deal of experience as a speaker and facilitator. He helps educators explore diversity, anti-racism, and instructional strategies for ELL students. He is also a lecturer on the faculty of Notre Dame de Namur University’s Education graduate program. Currently he works as the Director of Teacher Development for Pacific Educational Group, a company that advocates school reform to ensure equitable learning opportunities and results for underserved student populations.

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