Rebecca DuFour


Rebecca B. DuFour has years of experience in education from her service as a teacher, school administrator, and central office coordinator. As a former elementary school principal who led her school to state and national recognition, she is the ideal consultant to aid your principals in making their schools the best they can be. Ms. DuFour has worked with professional organizations, school districts, universities, and state departments of education throughout North America.

Ms. DuFour has written several books, including Getting Started: Reculturing Schools to Become Professional Learning Communities, and is the co-editor of On Common Ground: The Power of Professional Learning Communities. In addition, Ms. DuFour has written articles for numerous professional journals and has authored a quarterly column for Leadership Compass, published by the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

Through our products featuring Rebecca Burnette DuFour your system will:

  • Help principals learn the exciting Professional Learning Community Model, proven to strengthen the foundation of every successful school: teacher and student learning.
  • Provide elementary principals with professional development designed especially for them.
  • Give principals practical strategies and methods, along with implementation ideas, to increase student learning.
  • See a number of highly successful elementary schools from around the nation, allowing participants to see the best strategies in action.
  • Explore the philosophies and methods principals must believe in and follow to become leaders of learning.

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