Rick Stiggins

Assessment Training Institute

Dr. Rick Stiggins is the founder and CEO of the Assessment Training Institute (ATI). Since 1992, Dr. Stiggins and ATI have been dedicated to maximizing student learning, confidence, and motivation by helping teachers and administrators meet the challenges of both classroom and standard assessment. With his technical expertise and his commitment to student success, Dr. Stiggins has helped schools around the world implement better assessment programs that have lead to dramatic increases in student achievement.

Dr. Stiggins has served as a district assessment director, director of test development for the American College Testing Program, and senior program director of the Centers of Classroom Assessment at the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. He has served on the faculties of Michigan State University, the University of Minnesota, and Lewis and Clark College and has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University.

Dr. Stiggins received his Ph.D. in Educational Measurement from Michigan State University.

From our products featuring Dr. Rick Stiggins your system will:

  • Explore the critical difference between assessment of learning and assessment for learning.
  • Identify how to rely on learning targets and classroom assessment processes that set students up for success.
  • Discover instructional decisions that build confidence and motivate learners.
  • See how continuous student involvement in the assessment process keeps the learning target in full view.
  • Understand the need for teachers to develop Assessment Literacy.