Stephen Barkley brings over 30 years of experience in education to his consultations and seminars. Beginning his career as an elementary school teacher, Barkley is now executive vice president of Performance Learning Systems, Inc., an educational consulting firm.

Mr. Barkley is recognized as an expert on developing and sustaining school mentoring and coaching programs. He has extensive experience in training teachers and administrators and in guiding districts through the process of establishing mentoring programs. Mr. Barkley has been a keynote speaker and presenter at Learning Forward Conferences, state school board association meetings, and other national conferences. He is a riveting presenter who will surely inspire and motivate your educators.

Through our products featuring Stephen Barkley your system will:

  • Examine a proven framework for creating and supporting a successful coaching program.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of the purpose for enacting a coaching program.
  • Learn how to develop successful coaches.
  • Understand Learning Forward’s standards for professional development.
  • See the importance of evaluating professional development to assess the impact on student learning.
  • Observe examples of professional development evaluations in schools across the country.

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