Common Core State Standards

A New Common Core Resource, Written by the Authors of the Standards, Is Now Available Online

By Cameron Pipkin

There’s a growing multitude of Common Core resources out there, most of them on the web. I’ve posted one or two of the more interesting ones I’ve come across. Very few provide useful tools for free, most are in the beginning stages of life, and others still don’t seem to understand entirely what the Common Core is and what it’s impact on education will be.

As a whole, most resources lack useful tools and/or vision. The company I work for has a fantastic resource that you can access free for a month. Though I never advertise it, I really do think it’s the best out there, and it’s my job to know about what’s out there.

I will say, though, that one website has caught my attention— It’s not totally remarkable in terms of what it currently offers, though it does help to break down the standards, and provides some insight about the need they fill and their potential impact.

What strikes me most about the site is that it was created and is updated by a group of educators who actually had a hand in writing the Common Core. They say they’ll continue to add content as time goes by…this certainly shouldn’t one stop shopping for solving Common Core problems, but, as a tool, it looks to have some real potential.



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