Next time you log in to watch your Strategy of the Week video, you’ll see a dramatic change.

This is because PD 360 is now Edivate—an exciting new professional learning platform that is easier to use and available on nearly any device!

With Edivate, you’ll find:

  • Content that’s personalized specifically for you, based on your role, your viewing history, and PD that your administrator recommends
  • A streamlined user experience that saves you time
  • A million-member online PLC for easy, effective collaboration with other teachers
  • Mobility that extends to nearly any device, so you can learn just about anywhere you want
  • And much more

Log in to Edivate today and check it out for yourself.

**Can’t log in to Edivate or forgot your password? Contact Edivate Support at 855 337-7500 or