A Study of 160 Wake County, North Carolina Schools Shows That Schools Using School Improvement Network’s Professional Development Platform Expedite their Rate of Improvement and Outperform Their Districts

This study measured data collected from 160 elementary, middle, and secondary schools in Wake County, North Carolina utilizing the professional development platform PD 360 (now known as Edivate). Many of the schools measured began the year with lower assessment scores than other schools in their district.

Despite this significant statistical disadvantage, data from this study verified that Wake County students whose teachers utilize PD 360 (Edivate) experience significantly greater gains in standardized test scores than their peers whose teachers do not. And not only were PD 360 (Edivate) students’ gains greater, but their rate of growth nearly tripled that of their non-user peers.

Among its findings, the study concludes the following:

Math NC


As districts grew by 1.32%, schools gained 2.19%, growing at 1.66 times the rate.


Reading NC


As districts grew by 0.55%, schools gained 1.41%, growing at 2.55 times the rate.


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