A Study of the Impact of Participation in 422 PD 360 (Edivate) Title I Schools

Title I students traditional have been among the most challenging population for achieving significant improvements in standardized test scores. This study reflects the quantification of Title I gains for math and reading scores whose teachers participated in an online delivered, on-demand professional development program school-wide.

This study consisted of 422 schools with a mix of elementary, middle, and high schools. Average gain in reading for Title I students whose schools and teachers showed high engagement in the program was a 4.8% increase in students classified as proficient and advanced, while the non-participating Title I schools in the districts saw a decline of 5.9% while Title I schools participating in the professional development experienced a gain of 7.3%. Conclusions are that significant advantages for Title I students are achieved when teachers participate actively in such a high impact, high accessibility professional development program.



Reading graph 3



Reading graph 2



Math title 1


Math Percent change

Note: Results are shown as percent change [(Year 2 – Year 1)/Year 1]. For example, if the student discipline rate fell from 6% to 4%, the school experienced a 33% improvement.

This study was presented as “Quasi-Experimental Study on the Impact of Online, On-Demand Professional Development on Educators in Title I Schools” in the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education 2014 International Conference.

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