A Study of 187 Schools Shows That Schools Using PD 360 (Edivate) Outperform District Benchmarks by as Much as 28.8%

This study measured data collected from 187 elementary and middle schools across 8 states utilizing professional development platform PD 360 (now known as Edivate). The study identifies statistically significant and resounding advantages favoring schools using the professional development tools.

Results showed all schools utilizing the platform experienced substantial returns. High utilization led to  performance advantages ranging from two to 15 times the gains in proficiency rates versus district averages. Low utilization schools led to gains in proficiency rates from 10% to twice the district averages.

Study conducted by Dr. Steve Shaha.

Among its findings, the study concludes the following:


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Note: Results are shown as percent change [(Year 2 – Year 1)/Year 1]. For example, if the student discipline rate fell from 6% to 4%, the school experienced a 33% improvement.

Download the presentation of this study

Download the academic presentation of this study


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