Is it possible to drive up student scores when you have less time and fewer resources than ever?
The answer may surprise you.

Year-over-year changes in student achievement were analyzed for 734 schools selected due to utilization history for online (i.e. on-demand) and computer-based professional learning applications.

Results showed that schools with higher engagement in on-demand professional learning by educators significantly outperformed their lower engagement counterparts in measures of quantity and quality of utilization, participation, and engagement. Higher engagement schools also had significantly greater gains in student achievement as measured by percentages of students performing at proficient or advanced levels. Higher engagement schools also outperformed their lower engagement counterparts for gains in four key school- and educator-related measures: teacher retention, dropout rates, student discipline issues, and rates of students with college-related goals.

Conclusions were that higher levels of utilization, engagement, and active use are correlated with higher student achievement and successes for both educators and the schools in which they operate.

Note: Results are shown as percent change [(Year 2 – Year 1)/Year 1]. For example, if the student discipline rate fell from 6% to 4%, the school experienced a 33% improvement.

This article was published as “Predictors of Success for Professional Development: Linking Student Achievement to School and Educator Successes through On-Demand, Online Professional Learning” in the Journal of Instructional Psychology.

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