An independent study examined year-over-year changes in student achievement in 169 schools in 73 districts and 19 states with teachers highly engaged in PD 360 (now known as Edivate) against their respective districts. Results showed that schools where teachers actively engaged in PD 360 (Edivate) videos and resources experienced an 18.9% (p<.001) increase in the number of students who scored advanced or proficient on math standardized assessments, and a 18.1% (p<.001) increase on reading standardized assessments. During the same time, respective districts scores increased only 4.2% (p<.01) in proficiency on math assessments and 2.5% (p<.01) on reading assessments. These differences equate to statistically significant 4.2 (p<.001) fold and 6.1 (p<.001) fold advantages, respectively.

The findings from this research support PD 360 (Edivate) for improving teacher efficacy and improving student performance.

Note: Results are shown as percent change [(Year 2 – Year 1)/Year 1]. For example, if the student discipline rate fell from 6% to 4%, the school experienced a 33% improvement.


This article was published as “Multi-State, Quasi-Experimental Study of the Impact of Internet-Based, On-Demand Professional Learning on Student Performance” in the International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education.
*The original study of 15.3% cited has an errata underway to become 18.1%.

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