This study measured 176 schools across 25 states in which educators used PD 360 (now known as Edivate) to compare student proficiency in math and reading against district averages.

Data collected showed students classified as either proficient or advanced. Schools utilizing the tools began at a disadvantage. Within the one year, schools using PD 360 (Edivate) overcame and exceeded the shortfall. In math, the net change in the number of students who tested proficient was 8.24 percent, compared to only 1.59 percent in districts. The number of students who tested advanced also increased, with a net change improvement of 6.43 percent in schools compared to 0.76 percent in districts. For reading, schools experienced a net change in proficiency rates of 9.15 percent versus 3.45 percent in their respective districts. In advanced rates, schools had a net change of 5.35 percent, while their districts saw a decrease of 1.22 percent.

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