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Mobile Professional Development

Mobile professional development for educators is the next step in building more talented teachers and improving the quality of classrooms. As professional development becomes increasingly prevalent in today’s teaching profession, educators need resources to fulfill professional development no matter where they may be. PD 360 was the world’s first on-demand professional development resource, bringing a greater numbers of experts, topics, and resources to educators than ever before.

Now educators have access to the benefits of PD 360 Mobile, a free mobile app available in the Android Market and iTunes StoreMobile professional development for educators is on the rise as one of the most effective forms of professional development, because it allows educators to maximize their time. Educators use PD 360 Mobile’s mobile professional development on the commute to and from work, allowing teachers not only to use commuter time to work, but also to liberate time at home for other necessary endeavors.

Does mobile professional development for educators work?

The growing use of mobile professional development for educators raises the question: are educators receiving the kind of support they need from within their schools and departments?

The answer is that all students—every person in a learning capacity—has a different learning style. The trend and continued success of mobile PD for teachers demonstrates a growing demand for differentiated learning styles. As teachers create learning environments conducive to the various learning styles of their students, they are coming to recognize their own learning styles.

How does mobile professional development help teachers reach goals?

Just as mobile professional development for teachers saves time and provides differentiated learning as discussed previously, mobile professional development is also a means to set and achieve goals. PD 360 Mobile syncs with users’ accounts, giving them full reporting capabilities on professional development plans. Through My Portfolio in PD 360, teachers and administrators have easier communication and reporting than they have ever experienced.

Where can educators access mobile professional development?

Educators have two options for mobile PD: books, and PD 360 Mobile. Not to have a tongue-in-cheek attitude, books are still very effective ways to learn. They require no batteries, no data access, and no uploading. The drawback, as ever, is that books on current research or best practices are out of date by the end of their first year of publication, if not sooner, depending on the field.

PD 360 Mobile is a free mobile app for educators that places best practices right in the palm of your hand. No other company has produced a mobile PD app on the scale of PD 360 Mobile.

School Improvement Network also offers Observation 360, the industry’s only mobile classroom walkthrough tool with prescriptive technology. Observation 360’s seamless integration with PD 360 allows it to automatically recommend training segments based on observation results. The observation results are also sent directly to the teacher’s PD 360 account where training, observation results, and administrator comments can be reviewed. Observation 360 also integrates with thereNow, a 360-degree camera technology that allows an administrator to offer unobtrusive support while reviewing a private recording of the lesson.

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