We are happy to announce the release of Edivate Observe, a comprehensive observation resource that allows administrators to create highly personalized professional development plans and more effectively support teacher growth.

Edivate Observe officially launches February 2016 and will replace the current observation product, Observation 360.

Edivate Observe Supports Educator Growth and Effectiveness by Allowing Instructional Leaders to Quickly and Easily Establish Professional Growth Plans Centered Around Personalized Professional Development That Aligns Observed Behavior with Desired Outcomes.

“We’ve always believed that observations can be more than just compliance activities. With the new emphasis that the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) now places on personalized professional development, observations become a key component in building an individualized growth plan by providing a wonderful opportunity for administrators and educators to come together to assess strengths and to identify opportunities for growth,” said Chet D. Linton, CEO and president of School Improvement Network.

The important role that observations play in supporting teacher growth and student achievement is becoming increasingly clear. In a recent study published in the Journal of College Teaching & Learning, researchers found that schools with higher observation rates and professional development activity aligned to observation results saw significant one-year gains in student achievement—an average of 24.9% in math and 24.6% in reading over baseline.*

“Edivate Observe makes it much simpler and easier to give every educator specific, personalized professional learning recommendations that are aligned to observed behavior. The educator can then access their observation and their professional learning recommendations where they access all their professional development, through the Edivate learning platform,” said Linton.

Edivate Observe will be available to all School Improvement Network clients for implementation beginning in February 2016, and it is scalable to any school or system.

*Shaha, S.H., Glassett, K.F., Copas, A., (2015). The Impact of Teacher Observations With Coordinated Professional Development On Student Performance: A 27-State Program Evaluation. Journal of College Teaching & Learning, 12(1), 55-63.