New Scripting Tool by School Improvement Network Ensures Real-Time Teacher Observations

SALT LAKE CITY—Aug. 22, 2013—School Improvement Network, the leader in educator effectiveness and teacher observation resources, today announced the release of Evidence 360, a new scripting tool that enables observers to take notes in real time about what is happening in the classroom during teacher observations. As part of Observation 360, this tool will enable observers the ability to focus teacher observations and evaluations on what teachers are doing, rather than filling in a rubric or set of standards.

“For teacher observations and evaluations to have a meaningful impact on both the educator’s professional growth and the students they teach, observers must be able to focus on what is happening in the classroom,” said Chet Linton, CEO and president of School Improvement Network. “Evidence 360 enables the observer to focus completely on the effectiveness of each teacher, and therefore enables a more accurate teacher observation by grounding the results in what the teacher is doing and how their efforts impact a student’s preparation towards college and career.”

The Evidence 360 scripting tool allows observers to take real-time notes during teacher observations instead of filling in numbers or check boxes on a rubric. As they take notes, each time the observer hits “enter,” Evidence 360 timestamps the previous comment, giving detailed notes of what happened in the classroom during the teacher observation. Afterward, the observer can review these notes in light of the rubric or framework and score the teacher, rather than trying to grade educators during the observation.

This scripting feature also enables more accurate teacher observations by giving observers more time to review a teacher’s performance than they would have assigning a grade as the teacher is teaching.

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