School Improvement Network Survey Results Show Educators Support Evaluations, Disagree with High-Stakes Testing

SALT LAKE CITY—Jan. 9, 2014—School Improvement Network, the leader in educator effectiveness resources, today released results of a national survey of educators showing educator perceptions of teacher evaluations and high-stakes testing. The survey comes as part of the “Voices of Education” survey series, dedicated to elevating educators by getting their expert insight on issues impacting education.

“To spur real professional growth, teacher evaluations must move beyond mere compliance to measuring real metrics of educator effectiveness and student learning,” said Chet D. Linton, CEO and president of School Improvement Network. “Our survey results show educators want real, accurate measures of their success, not sole focus on high-stakes testing, to help them continue to grow and improve.”

Among other things, the Teacher Evaluation and High-Stakes Testing survey results showed 91 percent of educators feel teacher evaluations help them grow as professionals, but 85 percent believe it is unfair for teacher evaluations to include high-stakes testing. Survey results also showed educator perceptions on the value of high-stakes testing and whether or not teacher evaluations should be used in firing or tenure decisions.

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