Check Out This Online Common Core Standards Resource. It Allows Students to Practice and Improve in Math and ELA Standards, and It’s Totally Free.

By Cameron Pipkin

So, it’s been few weeks since I’ve come across an online Common Core Standards resource worth posting about, but this morning the streak was broken. Because I write about the Common Core nearly every day, and try to post about online Common Core Standards resources at least once a week, you can imagine that I have to stretch sometimes to come up with fresh, useful content. Luckily, a website called ScootPad is making my job a little easier this morning.

ScootPad is one of the better online Common Core Standards resources that I’ve come across in a while, and I think you’ll find it both fresh and useful. In a nutshell, ScootPad is an online practice platform for the Common Core Standards in both math and ELA, for elementary grades.

Using advanced adaptive learning technology, the website creates continually personalized practices for each student who uses it. This means that students can learn at their own pace, and in their own time frame, at home or at school, using tools that are simple and easily monitored and modified by teachers and parents:

  • Get online and sign up your entire class up in just a few minutes
  • Create Common Core Standards Curriculum for each class based on the grade level
  • Create practices for students, without any intervention from teachers
  • Find online Common Core Standards resources available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Award points and badges that make the process fun and engaging for students
  • Set up awards to further motivate students
  • View graphs and charts built from student data to instantly see how students are doing
  • Intervene and customize the online Common Core Standards resource for students’ needs
  • Allow parents to sign in and access the details and history of their children’s ScootPad practice
  • Experience available customer service and webinars
  • ScootPad is Free

This is the only online Common Core Standards resource of its kind on the web, at least that I’ve come across. The website claims that this product will save each user classroom $10,000 per year. I’m not sure how they arrive at those numbers, but all things considered, this is still an online Common Core Standards resource worth checking out.

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