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Welcome to the Product Samples page.

This page delivers several videos found in School Improvement Network’s PD 360 and Common Core 360 video library. This library totals over 2,500 video segments on 125 topics in education, and feature over 120 experts in education. School Improvement Network consistently adds videos to this library every month on recent topics in education. The videos highlighted on this page each belong to a larger series, usually of 5 – 8 videos, that demonstrate a highly particularized aspect of pedagogy, learning, leadership, and other aspects of education.

The amount of minutes educators spend viewing segments in this library is statistically shown to have a significant positive impact on student achievement. Click here for more independent research on the impact of our products on education.

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Vision of the Common Core:


This video illustrates how the Common Core Standards redesign learning by beginning with high school graduation and moving backwards to create equitable standards for each and every student.


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4th Grade: SL.4.1, W.4.8, W.4.10 — Cricket Investigation


In this segment, a 4th grade teacher at Kerrick Elementary in Louisville, Kentucky teaches her students to classify crickets as insects while teaching a science lesson with the English Language Arts Common Core Standards SL.4.1, W.4.8, and W.4.10.


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4th Grade: 3.MD.8, MP.2 & 4, RL.4.3, SL.4.1 — Introducing Perimeter and Area


This segment shows a 4th grade teacher at Kerrick Elementary in Louisville Kentucky, presenting a math lesson on finding area and perimeter with real-world examples while teaching to the Math Common Core Standards 3.MD.8, MP.2 and 4, and English Language Arts Standards RL.4.3 and SL.4.1.


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Practical Student-Centered Learning—Instilling Ownership and Responsibility


This segment is the fourth of six in a program about student-centered learning environments. It shows how a student-centered classroom style letsstudents take ownership over their own learning and makes teachers facilitators to help them achieve their learning goals.


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Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate — Every Student — Every Opportunity


This segment shows the value of student mentoring programs through highlighting Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate, a district-wide student support program in North Carolina that aims to improve achievement of African-American and Latino students.

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