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IR2: Inter-Rater Reliability Training that leads to educator effectiveness

How can observations and evaluations improve
educator effectiveness and student learning?

Training: Build capacity for leaders to improve instructional practice and promote high levels of student learning

Target: Create rater reliability that leads to educator effectiveness

Participants will achieve the following:

  • Understand the importance of rater reliability
  • Reach agreement of what effective instruction looks like
  • Norm the interpretation of the template/rubrics
  • Develop awareness of issues of bias and how biases impact consistency and fairness
  • Explore the importance of frequent formative observations that result in summative observations leading to teacher growth
  • Practice performing observations of video classrooms and compare results with peers
  • Engage in more practice and discussion
  • Achieve levels of agreement for rater reliability
  • Move toward performing observations and evaluations that are fair and dependable
  • Provide feedback that is consistent with scoring
  • Create coaching conversations that foster teacher growth
  • Build an action plan

Inter-Rater Reliability Training requires the following:

1 full day of training
90-minute follow-up coaching session with each principal (4 sessions per day)
Completion of Observation 360 training prior to IR2 training

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“Many educators are not sure what to look for when they open the door (to a classroom) and what to do with what they see. One of the great barriers to school improvement is the lack of an agreed-upon definition of what high-quality instruction looks like.”

— Richard Elmore

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