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Calibration & Certification Engine: Make all your observations more consistent and accurate

Get all your observers on the same page

The Calibration & Certification Engine (CCE) is an observer calibration solution that makes it possible to create a standard level of competence across all your observers, which significantly reduces inconsistencies inherent in classroom observations.

Built around research and materials produced by the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CCE makes it possible to standardize your observation training and practice, certify your observers, and provide ongoing calibration.

Why Choose Observation 360’s Calibration & Certification Engine?

CCE uses classroom video captured from the MET project—videos covering math and ELA for grades 4–9. You can also use your own videos.
CCE gives you full control of the calibration and certification process—including how many videos an observer must watch, the type of videos to watch, the standards used to rate the videos, and what defines a successful observation.
CCE is one of the few calibration and certification tools that is completely framework agnostic, which means you can use the framework of your choice.
Extensive reporting gives you what you need to understand each observer’s level of competence and provide support for development.
Create targeted, self-paced practice exercises for evaluators and teachers.
It’s scalable and web based, so it’s easily implemented whether at a single site, within a district, or across a whole state.

CCE is a single resource for both observers and supervisors

It’s all integrated into a single online resource for both observers and supervisors, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork and redundant form filing:

A district or training supervisor sets master scores for relevant videos according to their framework.
Classroom observers then “observe” the videos and score them according to their understanding of the framework.
The district or training supervisor reviews the video observations, measuring them against the master score. He or she then shares the findings and helps the observers to calibrate and improve their classroom observation skills.

Use CCE lessons to provide targeted learning opportunities that observers can access at any time:

Select exemplary video clips that highlight specific teaching standards.
Observers watch the selected clips and enter their scores.
Observers then receive immediate, on-screen feedback, including an explanation of the correct scores.

Make your observation efforts even more powerful

CCE is an outstanding resource on its own, but to enhance the results, we recommend you use it in conjunction with Observation 360’s IR2—a tool that helps train observers on how to conduct more effective observations. Together, CCE and IR2 give you the full benefits of training, calibration, and certification.

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