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Edivate Common Core 360: step-by-step support for Common Core success

Successfully implementing Common Core or state standards can be done more easily and more quickly than you might think

Thousands of educators across the US have used the tools and resources in Edivate, the new PD 360, to masterfully implement their state standards and raise test scores in the process. Now, your educators can use these same tools to replicate that success.

The content in Edivate provides detailed, comprehensive examples of how the leading districts, schools, and classrooms have successfully implemented their state standards.

Why Choose Edivate’s Common Core Resources?

400+ Videos

Get unlimited access to a constantly growing library of standard-specific training videos

200+ Lesson Plans

Download step-by-step Common Core-aligned lesson guides

1 Million Educators

Share Common Core implementation ideas and lesson plans with hundreds of thousands of educators across the country

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Everything you need for state-standard success is in Edivate

Edivate contains the largest library of Common Core and state standard training videos available, with hundreds of videos:

Footage of hand-selected master teachers demonstrating Common Core- and state standard-aligned lessons in their own classrooms that will walk your teachers through every standard in every grade and subject area
Standards-specific, downloadable lesson plans

Crosswalking tools

With Edivate, you get the crosswalking resources you need to successfully take the first steps in implementing the Common Core in a district or school:

Detailed guidelines for creating a powerful, persuasive Common Core message that ensures the buy-in of educators and the community at large—created by experts in the Kentucky Department of Education, the first state to implement the Common Core
Videos mapping out the strategies that successful states are using to turn high-level Common Core initiatives into plans that districts and schools can use to implement the Standards in hundreds and thousands of classrooms
Heidi Hayes Jacobs’ Mapping to the Core LumiBook that helps leaders crosswalk school curriculum to the Common Core by showing them how to coordinate curriculum across grades and subject areas, all aligned to the Standards

A roadmap to the Standards

The Learning Progressions tool in Edivate gives users a quick, easy way to locate individual standards and see how they progress.

Search individual Common Core standards by grade and subject
Get a simple, scannable view of how a single standard progresses from kindergarten all the way through grade 12
Search an individual standard and get instant access to all of the resources available to help implement that standard

“Common Core 360 is a remarkable tool! Making it accessible to our teachers has made it much easier for them to understand and implement the new standards”

— Lynette Eichers, Professional Development/Title I Specialist Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Granite School District, Utah

Edivate is research proven to elevate schools

When teachers use Edivate for as little as 10 minutes a week, it makes a significant impact on student achievement—and on schools as a whole.

*Research based on peer-to-peer comparison.

Higher student achievement growth*

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