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When you grow, your students grow too

Edivate, is an on-demand professional learning resource that creates a highly personalized learning experience for all of your educators, helping them improve their practice and, in turn, raise student achievement.

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Edivate comes with:

Learning Resources

Thousands of the very best resources to help create a personalized learning experience for every educator

Management Tools

Simple management tools to help administrators create individual and system-wide professional learning plans

Implementation Support

Unmatched support, including strategic planning workshops, unlimited on-demand training, and ongoing consultation


Just in time for back to school


Edivate Dashboard

Micro-credentials support teacher growth by providing educators with targeted, highly specific skills to achieve competency or receive recognition for the competency they’ve already achieved.


The redesigned dashboard has a fresh look and feel, with more items moved “above the fold” for better visibility and quick access

  • Makes using Edivate simpler and easier, saving educators’ valuable time.

The user controls the order the dashboard cards appear to fit their personal needs and can hide the cards they don’t care to see.

  • Takes the guesswork out of PD.

Enhancements now enable users to personalize their dashboard by controlling the order in which the dashboard cards appear. They can also hide the cards they don’t care to see.

  • Saves time by keeping the most relevant resources at your fingertips.

A simple, fast tutorial helps new users quickly learn how to navigate their page.

  • Step-by-step instructions make navigating faster and easier than ever.

Edivate Library

The new Edivate Library is an improved experience that provides users with the best content available. The enhanced Library provides an intuitive and unified searching and filtering experience, enabling users to quickly find what they’re looking for.


The enhanced Edivate Library is a single, central location where all your teachers can find an extensive variety of valuable professional development resources, including videos, community forums, and groups. With all resources in one place, educators can quickly and easily access the PD they want to share with others or to improve their own classroom practice.

  • Quick and easy access to PD.
  • Saves time.
  • Makes you a better instructional leader.
  • Helps you reach your big goals.

With enhanced filtering by subject, grade, topic, and resource type, users can broaden or narrow their search as desired, finding specific content quickly or discovering new content altogether. Also, when a user adds or removes a filter, the page immediately returns the modified results.

  • Helps you find content quickly

Each asset type has a unique color and symbol associated with it.

  • Saves time.
  • Makes instructional leadership easier.

The enhanced Library now recommends specific content based on what the user searches for and interacts with.

  • Saves time.
  • Helps you reach your big goals.

Personalized For Teachers

Personalized for Teachers
Edivate is designed around the needs of every teacher to help them be more effective

For professional learning to be truly effective, it needs to meet a teacher’s daily needs—and that’s exactly what Edivate does. It offers a personalized experience for every teacher; it delivers thousands of the best resources that can be tailored to your teachers’ interests and needs; and it’s easy to use.

Individual Teacher Licenses are Available - Learn More

Easier For Leaders

Easier for Leaders
Edivate helps administrators easily implement and manage meaningful, systemic PD

Edivate makes the complex task of managing system-wide PD simpler by getting rid of what you don’t need and making it easy to find and distribute what you do need—thousands of incredible PD resources proven to help teachers grow.

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Unparalleled Support

Unparalleled Support
Edivate is backed by a partnership of unparalleled, long-term support

Edivate comes with the support of an experienced client success team that gets to know your unique objectives and challenges and works with you over the long term to help you meet your PD goals.

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Common Core

Common Core
Zero to mastery in as little as one year

Edivate is full of resources that help educators successfully implement the Common Core or their state learning standards. Edivate’s Common Core and state standards resources walk you through implementation strategies that really work—taken from some of the most successful schools in the US.

Learn more about Common Core

Get unlimited access to hundreds of expert-designed resources:

Standard-by-standard video instruction, featuring in-class implementation by real teachers
Crosswalking tools to help your district or school transition from your current standards to the new ones
Frameworks for observing and evaluating standards performance in your classrooms
Standards-aligned lesson plans in every grade and subject

Edivate Review

NEW: Edivate Review
Spread great teaching by giving teachers an easy way to share, discuss, and emulate exemplary classroom practice in a safe and supportive environment.

Edivate Review is a premium feature in the Edivate professional learning platform that helps develop and spread good teaching by allowing your teachers to create discussions around any video, be it from the existing Edivate professional learning library or from videos that are uploaded to the platform.

With Edivate Review, the possibilities for sharing and improving practice in your schools are endless!

Learn more about Edivate Review

Give more in-class support to your teachers without interrupting classroom learning.

Edivate Review makes it possible for your teachers to observe their colleagues without stepping out of their own classrooms and/or into other classrooms.

Do even more to help teachers improve classroom practice.

Edivate Review helps enable more focused, more powerful PLCs that provide ongoing PD support and spread good teaching practices.

Save money and get more done—without hiring more instructional leadership.

Edivate Review turns every PLC member into an instructional coach for their colleagues, providing ongoing support to instructional leaders who are stretched thin.

“Edivate materials are excellent, simple to use, and will benefit anyone in education. Our teacher performance is improving because with a resource they like, they are open to change and more motivated.”

— John Thissen, Superintendent
Herington Unified School District #487, Kansas

Edivate is research proven to elevate schools

When teachers use Edivate for as little as 10 minutes a week, it makes a significant impact on student achievement—and on schools as a whole.

*Research based on peer-to-peer comparison.

Higher student achievement growth*

The best in education
and over 100 awards to prove it

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