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How do the top-performing school systems consistently
produce high-achieving students?


Global Education Study: Six Drivers of Students Success

by Battelle for Kids


About this Lumibook

In spring 2012, Ohio education and business leaders joined Battelle for Kids to answer this question, embarking on fact-finding trips to five of the world’s top-performing school systems: Finland; Hong Kong; Long Beach, California; Ontario, Canada; and Singapore.

Researchers interviewed and observed leaders, teachers, students, and others to explore how their school systems consistently achieve the top world rankings in terms of quality, equity, and student productivity.

Global Education Study: Six Drivers of Student Success, explores the key lessons that Battelle for Kids gathered in their research, and outlines powerful strategies for implementing effective practices in learning, teaching, and cultivating the right conditions for success.

See the strategies that the world’s top-performing schools are using to drive student achievement:

  1. Early Learning
  2. Personalization and Pathways for Student Success
  3. Teacher Selectivity, Quality, and Growth
  4. Focus on Learning
  5. Education Linked to Economic Development
  6. Cultural Expectation of Value

Each chapter of the Global Education Study LumiBook contains video interactions with educators from schools featured, as well as additional resources.

Battelle for Kids

Battelle for Kids is a national, not-for-profit organization that provides strategic counsel and innovative solutions for today’s complex educational-improvement challenges. Our mission-driven team of education, technology, communications and business professionals specializes in creating and implementing strategies that advance the development of human capital systems, the use of strategic measures, practices for improving educator effectiveness, and communication with all stakeholders. At the heart of this work is an unwavering focus on accelerating student growth. Learn more at

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