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Give your students vital 21st century learning skills

Teach children to thrive in the age of information overload with Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools by David Hyerle

The world has changed. The amount of instantly available information is growing exponentially, and even today’s young generation of digital natives are at risk of being overwhelmed by this flood.

Helping students make sense of the information they encounter is vital to giving them the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Students need the ability to think through content information to construct meaningful, useful knowledge that leads to good decisions.


Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools

by David Hyerle


The step-by-step guide for turning your school into a Thinking School

The Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools LumiBook by David Hyerle provides an in-depth examination of the revolutionary Thinking Schools Model, which represents a well-designed, sustainable, and significant shift toward a foundational focus on thinking. The Thinking Schools Model:

  • Draws from cognitive neurosciences and learning theory
  • Is backed by research-based practices and proven classroom models for applied thinking
  • Offers an effective and efficient way of developing all students’ thinking skills

Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools provides proven, practical models for school-wide use, shows you how to implement those models, and gives useful and proven approaches for assessing growth and impact over time.

Measurable Results

Those establishing Thinking Schools in their own systems recorded marked gains in a multitude of areas.

  • Increased levels of independent content learning
  • Improved academic attainment
  • Improved literacy and communication skills
  • More motivation to learn and think
  • Improved thinking abilities of teachers and students
  • Fewer behavioral problems
  • Increased attendance
  • Improved classroom culture and management
  • More frequent and effective teacher facilitation of students’ thinking and learning

Here’s what you get for $59.95:

  1. A clear and adaptable definition for Thinking Schools
  2. A discussion of the three broad principles that provide a foundation for student-centered thinking for learning across a school:
    • All learners have innate abilities to think in a variety of ways
    • Active transfer of thinking processes to content learning is key
    • Student-centered models are needed for improving thinking
  1. Thinking starters for immediate use in classrooms and across schools
  2. Five broad dimensions of thinking that are used as anchors for schools embracing the thinking schools model, including:
    • Cognitive Processes
    • Inquiry Processes
    • Dispositions
    • Learning Modalities
    • Creativity
  1. Three strategic pathway models for implementation:
    • Visual Tools for Thinking, which focuses on applying thinking skills using a consistent set of nonlinguistic tools such as the Thinking Maps model
    • Dispositions for Mindfulness, which gives students a language for improving their intellectual-emotional behaviors as they learn
    • Questioning for Inquiry, which focuses on improving student-centered abilities to ask questions in the context of developing a community of inquiry and developing high-quality questioning models and norms for using cooperative learning
  1. A six-phase pathway of development for becoming a Thinking School, including:
    • Design
    • Research
    • Shared Learning
    • Refining the Design
    • Implementation Details
    • Support and Using Criteria
  1. Five areas of self-assessment and accreditation that help assess progress toward becoming a Thinking School, including:
    • Student Centered Thinking
    • Facilitative Leadership
    • Integrated Professional Learning
    • Interactive Assessment
    • School-wide Ethos

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“This book is a gold mine
of suggestions on managing classrooms effectively.”

–Rick Curwin, EdD, Author of Discipline with Dignity