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Teacher Effectiveness Framework: Turn observations into transformative learning experiences

Make every conversation more meaningful

The Teacher Effectiveness Framework (TEF) is a comprehensive framework that helps you go beyond compliance to turn evaluations into meaningful experiences that lead to teacher growth—and increased student achievement.

TEF is built around the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards—the teaching standards of choice for 19 of the top 25 education programs in the US.

Why Choose Observation 360’s Teacher Effectiveness Framework Resources?

Observations Drive PD

TEF tightly connects observation results with PD recommendations, turning your evaluations into transformative experiences that help your teachers improve and, in turn, your students be more successful.

Standards Aligned

TEF shows you how to align teaching to core standards and 21st century learning.

Based on InTASC

TEF is based on the InTASC Standards, the most thoroughly researched teacher effectiveness standards in the world.

Simpler Evaluations

No more long lists of indicators or elements to check off—TEF narrows it down to 24 indicators of excellent teaching.


TEF is a flexible, customizable framework designed to serve you—your objectives, your state requirements, etc.


Get in-depth support to help you quickly understand the standards and use them in your evaluations immediately.


The Teacher Effectiveness Framework gives you the tools you need to support meaningful professional learning

24 Indicators

TEF offers four domains, seven standards, and 24 teacher and student indicators that are the yardsticks for measuring teacher effectiveness.

Evidence Guides

TEF’s evidence guides help you determine whether teachers are adequately demonstrating indicators.

Coaching Questions

Over 100 coaching questions help you guide teachers to improve their practice.

PD Recommendations

PD video recommendations provide personalized learning based on observation results.


TEF comes with a host of digital observation tools that streamline and simplify

Evidence 360 is a tool for quickly typing notes on what you observe and then aligning those notes to the indicators in the framework.

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