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The mandate for improved academic performance has been amplified in recent years for all students. Under the demands of current legislation, greater focus has been placed on bringing students with special needs to higher levels of academic achievement, requiring a higher standard from special education teachers. To help schools and districts support students with special needs, School Improvement Network has produced several resources that provide teachers and administrators with special education professional development. These resources are research-based and are designed to increase student learning, drive implementation in the classroom, and build internal capacity

Increasing Achievement for All Students, Including Students with Special Needs PD 360 Video Program

Discover remarkable, research-based programs, routines, and strategies that provide teachers with the tools to guide students to become independent and successful learners. Your teachers will understand how they can support students with special needs and will build their instructional repertoires with strategies that benefit every learner. With this program, featuring Suzanne Robinson, Beverly Colombo, and Toby Karten, you can show special education teachers classrooms where students feel safe and make exceptional progress. Available in elementary and secondary editions. Sign up for a free trial to view the complete program.

Inclusion PD 360 Video Program

Including all students in the classroom benefits both teachers and students. This program is designed to help you and your teachers and leaders adopt tools that bring success to inclusive classrooms, such as Circle of Friends, MAPS Process, and PATH Process. The program features Marsha Forest and Jack Pearpoint and is full of real elementary and secondary classroom examples that demonstrate the success of these tools. Sign up for a free trial to view the complete program.

View a segment from the 9-part PD 360 video program, “Inclusion

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PD 360 Professional Development On Demand

PD 360, the leading on-demand professional learning resource, is an online library of research-based professional development programs. The programs are broken into hundreds of searchable segments that empower teachers to access instant answers and individualized support. PD 360 allows teachers and leaders to move through differentiation training at their own pace, and digitized facilitator guides make it simple for professional learning communities to prepare more than 30 research-based training sessions around differentiated instruction. Sign up for a free trial to view the complete program.

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