Can the Right Furniture Improve Classroom Learning?

Since the 1600s, classroom seating has been static—arranged in rows for the benefit and convenience of the teacher. For many students (particularly those with a lot of energy), sitting still for an extended period isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s punishment.

An active learning classroom solves this problem with dynamic, movement-based seating that promotes concentration, increases student engagement (or participation), and empowers greater learning.

The positive effect is even greater when students are involved in selecting, procuring, and establishing rules for using their active seating.

See an active learning classroom in action

This week’s Edivate video spotlights the first fully active learning classroom in South Carolina. It features a classroom equipped with mobile seating, built-in exercise equipment, and desks of varying heights. Watch the video to see how the teacher furnished and implemented an active learning classroom, as well as the positive effect it’s had on her students. You can also download the study guide for additional insights and links to related resources on classroom management.

This video comes with a downloadable guidebook.

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