Classroom Meetings Eight Building Blocks for Success

Classroom meetings have been around for a long time—as you can tell by this video above!

So the question is: how relevant are they in today’s schools?

Educational approaches come and go, especially those associated with the “traditional” model. Which strategies stand both the test of time and the shift from schooling in an industrial-based to a knowledge-based economy?

As more teachers and schools create increasingly personalized, learner-centered environments, the need for student self-management and responsibility increases. Can a classroom democratized by choice and voice regarding curriculum, pacing, and even workspaces be governed by a teacher-centric approach?

Classroom meetings may well be more relevant today than when this video was filmed. (Anyone want to try guessing the year?)

Apart from its entertainment value and throwback to 4:3 aspect ratio, the video outlines eight “building blocks” of effective class meetings. If you’ve never done a class meeting before, the end of the school year might be the perfect opportunity to take half an hour and give one a try. More information can be found in the guidebook to this segment.

Teach us: What old-school, tried-and-true learning do you stand by? Let us know by commenting.

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