Magic Engagement: Classroom Video and Review Tools

Schools and districts around the country are discovering that personalized learning helps increase their students’ engagement and achievement. So how does personalized learning work for teachers and their PD?

In Georgia’s Newton County Schools, one technology tool is making a big difference. Teachers film themselves teaching and upload the video to the Edivate Review tool. Their colleagues around the district—in particular, those teaching the same course at their own schools—can then write feedback about specific moments in the video.

Edivate Review works, according to district leaders, because teachers get prompt, specific feedback from colleagues, and also because the teachers themselves are driving it (their participation is voluntary). In the words of one administrator,

It’s really a good thing when teachers latch on to ideas like this and they grow it themselves. So you have teachers telling other teachers about how great this tool is. It’s not…the district office coming down from on high to tell them that they must do something.

Watch this 6:38 video above to learn more.

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