Implementing an Effective Cycle of Continuous Improvement

Any school district that wants to realize consistent year-over-year improvements in teacher effectiveness (and, indirectly, student achievement) must have a system in place to assess, evaluate, and develop teaching in the classroom. Many schools that have adopted this approach call it a Cycle of Continuous Improvement.

Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nevada, uses the Cycle of Continuous Improvement to help their educators learn how to better serve their students. The cycle includes the following steps:

  1. Analyze baseline data
  2. Observe teaching in the classroom, focusing on one or more objective
  3. Share observations with teachers, discussing:
    • Strengths
    • Areas for improvement
    • Action steps
  4. Share the feedback with instructional coaches so they can help implement the recommendations
  5. Engage teachers with targeted professional learning activities
  6. Observe again to gather data and evaluate level of improvement

Clark County School District has seen great success using the Cycle of Continuous Improvement, and doing so with the help of Edivate, the professional learning resource from School Improvement Network. Watch this week’s video and learn more about how they did it.

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