Integrating Technology Into Your Instruction

Technology moves fast, and it can be a challenge to keep up with the best practices for integrating the latest innovations into your classroom instruction. But you can watch some outstanding examples of teachers doing just that—using new technologies to engage and enlighten students in ways never before possible in the classroom. These videos are also great for rounding out your own professional growth goals.

3rd Grade Math: Rounding to the Nearest Hundred

See how students use the Nearpod interactive whiteboard app to learn how to  round whole numbers to the nearest 100.

This video comes with a downloadable guidebook.

Additional videos focus on technology used in teaching – viewable on Edivate.

8th Grade Social Studies: Taxation Without Representation
Watch as students research using their tablets and participate in a role-play of the taxation of the American colonies, posting their responses to the role-play in real time through the Edmodo app.

10th Grade ELA: Multiple Accounts of a Single Topic: Japanese Internment Camps
Students analyze historical documents in text, audio, and video by using their own devices to access QR codes.

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